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Mentoring is where young people get to hang out with a positive adult from
our team; taking time to build a relationship, reducing offending, having some fun together and working on some goals with a purpose towards a better pathway. This all happens at a pace that the young person feels comfortable with. Young people can be referred to us for mentoring by schools, support agencies or police youth aid. Mentoring is available for young people aged 12-18 in the North Canterbury region- you can put your name down here.


Youth Work: 
Youth work is about youth development – helping rangatahi to grow, to learn and to
succeed; helping them to become positive members of their communities, and to embrace life. At R13 we take referrals from across North Canterbury, from communities of care - be they schools, whanau, social services or police – who are looking for extra support for their young people. Whatever current challenges they may be facing, we take a positive view of rangatahi, recognising what is right with them, as well as the realities of their world. We
seek to strengthen their connections – to their whanau, to their schools and to their
communities – to help them build and sustain quality relationships going forward.

Community Service Programme:
Young people who are referred to complete community service will be cleaning rubbish from riverbeds and other community projects. It's a way for rangatahi to take responsibility for offending in their community, and have a positive impact with acknowledging your actions. You'll learn time management and team work and feel you have taken responsibility. About 30,000kg of rubbish per year gets picked up! Lots of people who do this programme feel proud when they can see the difference they have made enhancing the life around the awa. You'll be helping wild life and protecting our water ways and ocean.

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Family Harm support for whanau/families:
Programme Overview:

The Family Harm Programme will focus on prevention, intervention, and support for families impacted by violence. Our primary objectives are to break the cycle of violence, empower parents, and strengthen family relationships through a range of structured interventions. The programme will include the following components:
1. Outreach and Awareness:

We will conduct targeted outreach programmes to raise community awareness about the
prevalence and devastating consequences of violence against rangatahi and parents. Through
campaigns, workshops, and community engagement events, we will promote education and
understanding, encouraging individuals to recognise signs of family harm.
2. Early Intervention:
We believe that early intervention is crucial in preventing episodes of violence. Our team of trained
professionals and counsellors will work closely with families at high risk of violence, providing them
with the necessary tools, strategies, and resources they need.
3. Parenting Programmes:
We will offer evidence-based parenting programmes that focus on non-violent, respectful, and
effective methods of discipline and child-rearing. These programmes will provide parents with the
knowledge and skills needed to create nurturing and violence-free environments for their children.
4. Counselling and Support Services:
Families affected by violence will have access to counselling, psyco-education and support services,
both individually and in group settings. Our team of experienced workers and counsellors will
provide a safe and confidential space for parents and rangatahi to understand and process their
experiences, and develop safety strategies with a purpose to prevent further violence.
 Expected Outcomes:
Through the implementation of this programme, we anticipate the following positive outcomes:

1. Increased community awareness and understanding of the issue of family violence against parents
and rangatahi.
2. Enhanced capacity of parents and rangatahi to recognize, prevent, and appropriately respond to
family harm episodes.
3. Decreased episodes of family violence and a reduction in the reoccurrence and severity of such
4. Improved mental health and well-being of parents and children affected by violence.
5. Strengthened family bonds and improved relationships within households.

Support you can look up right now!

In North Canterbury

 If it's an emergency or you or someone you know might be in danger, please call 111.

Some great free helplines you can call

YOUTHLINE |Free call 0800 376 633, free text 234 or webchat:
NEED TO TALK? | Free call or text 1737 any time.
HEALTHLINE | 0800 611 116 for free medical advice.
COVID-19 HELPLINE | 0800 358 5453 for free medical advice and support around Covid-19
DRUG & ALCOHOL LINE | Free call 0800 787 984 or free text 8681 anytime. Website:
VIOLENCE, ABUSE, OR FAMILY/PARTNER HARM| Website:, free call 0800 28482 669 anytime.
SUICIDE CRISIS LINE |Free call 0508 828 865 anytime. Website:

Some of our favourite support websites

THE LOW DOWN | - About mental health and wellbeing when you're feeling low
MELONHEALTH MANUAL | - Practical info and tools based on the science of mental health
RAINBOW YOUTH | - Support for young takatāpui & rainbow / LGBTQIA+ young people 
GENDER MINORITIES AOTEAROA | - Resources about gender identity and being trans, non-binary, etc.

VIOLENCE, ABUSE, OR FAMILY/PARTNER HARM| - supporting anyone to live a life free from violence
ALCOHOL & OTHER DRUGS | - real info about drugs and keeping safer from harm
EATING DISORDERS | - info and support for people managing disordered eating and their supporters

If you are experiencing domestic violence or abuse and want to look up information or resources safely without it appearing in your browser history, you can find this button on many kiwi websites. For example down the bottom of pages like or

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