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At R13 Youth Trust, our vision for North Canterbury is that every tamariki and rangatahi has the love, protection, and opportunity for development that is their right; achieves excellence through participation; and seeks purpose for life. Our mission statement is to enhance the dignity and quality of life for rangatahi, their families & whānau, and their community by eliminating barriers to opportunity and helping them reach their fullest potential through the power of partnership. We are located at 147 Williams Street, Kaiapoi, next to the Red Eight Cafe. 






Jo Timpson
Team Leader - Registered Social Worker

Kia Ora, I am currently part time as Team Lead supporting an amazing team of experienced youth mentors. I have worked as a social worker with families in North Canterbury for the past 20 years. Kaiapoi holds a special place in my heart with generations of my family being born and raised in the community. I love seeing the positive change created when young people are offered opportunities at a time in their  lives when life can be challenging


Matt Bailey
Community Youth Worker / Mentor

Kia Ora, My name is Matt Bailey (Sherlock), and I have joined R13 Youth Development Trust as a Community Youth Mentor/Worker with the ambition to create and work alongside our young people in finding a sense of ownership, but most importantly a direction of success. North Canterbury is where the heart calls home, and I am extremely passionate around the opportunities the region has to offer. Working with young people is something I have always been involved with, whether it's in a mentoring, teaching or coaching position. Rangatahi are the future generation, so it’s without doubt that I have always stood by the mana of young people being uplifted, our young people are competent in leading their own lives and have their own identity that is valued and respected. 
I am a husband and father to twin girls and a 5 year old son, enjoy a bit of speedway, basketball and travel with the family.

L Gooding.png

Larissa Gooding
Youth Worker / Mentor

Kia Ora, my name is Larissa Gooding and I have joined R13 Youth Development Trust in 2022 as a Youth Mentor. I am born and bred in North Canterbury and am very passionate about what our region has to offer. Alongside this, I love working with rangatahi to support them in achieving their potential and ensure they make positive choices to sustain them in the long-term. I am here to assist our young people and to support and develop them and their whanau. 

I am a proud mother of two sons and two rottweiler puppies, who keep me busy outside of work .

Larissa is currently on leave.

Celine photo.png

Celine Donovan
Youth Worker Family Harm

Kia ora, I joined R13 as a youth mentor and family harm worker. Born and bred in North
Canterbury, I have many years of experience supporting rangatahi and their families, particularly
those experiencing family harm. I believe that being offered the right support at the right time helps
people to reach their full potential and achieve a good quality of life. I am passionate about my
work, especially supporting and walking alongside those who want positive change.


Phil Trotter
Youth Worker / Mentor

Phil Trotter has just joined the team at R13
Youth Development Trust as a Youth Worker / Mentor. He comes with a suite of
qualifications in youth work, pastoral care
and education, plus 35 years’ experience in
the field. He has supported many a young
person through mentoring, has helped to
develop a mentoring organization in
Ōtautahi / Christchurch and has led many
youth-focused initiatives including a
leadership conference and resourcing website, written a manual on mentoring and authored Youth Ministry Well. Married to Carol for 37 years (and counting), they raised four children, and have recently returned to Christchurch after 6 years in Auckland supporting their three thriving


Joy Egen
Youth Mentor

I am invested in the Hauora of our next generation and seeing them thrive through new opportunities to contribute in our community. I believe there is a lot to be said about persistence, discipline and getting out of our comfort zones to make positive impacts on the mana of our rangatahi. 


Paula Thomson
Volunteer - Registered Social Worker




Web Profile-1 (1).jpg

Llew Timpson

I am passionate about ensuring our rangatahi/youth and tamariki/children are supported through their life’s journey. With all the stresses from everyday living, Christchurch quakes and mosque shootings, I focus on our community wellbeing with a strong focus on mental health, Social anxiety, wellbeing and learning.

Finding “purpose” for rangatahi and tamariki is part of the solution for our young people and families to have opportunities for positive outcomes.

I along with community see there is a need in our community for Rangatahi, tamariki and their whanau/families to be supported no matter the difficulty.

Web Profile-3.jpg

Jeannette Adams
Secretary & Treasurer

I have been involved with the R13 Trust since it was formed on 2009. My involvement as a Trustee over this time has been as Secretary, treasurer and currently as Trustee and funding co-ordinator. I believe that in the current climate, the R13 youth development trust has the capacity to be flexible in developing new programs best suited to our young people, with enthusiastic staff ensuring its continuing success. Having being involved with young people over a number of years it has been hugely satisfying to see such positive results from support offered by R13.

Web Profile-7.jpg

Simon Gulland
Project Manager

I have a community-based role where over the last 15 years I have been largely working with youth in North Canterbury. I have been part of the R13 Youth Development Trust team since its beginning and have witnessed some really positive transformations as youth are supported to make positive choices and grow.  This combined with feedback, sometimes years later from clients and their families, that reinforces what we are doing has huge benefits for all and that we are on the right track.  

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Alistair McAlister
Community Service Manager & Maintenance

In 2010 I joined the R13 Youth Development Trust and commenced Supervision work for young offenders, later becoming a Trustee for the organization. This role now involves managing placements for the young offenders to complete their community service hours . The care and maintenance of vehicles, equipment, and property.

In the school holidays I assist with the activities and outings for foster children. We provide transport using the R13 vehicles.

Over the past two years I have been mentoring a young boy who had no adult male in the family unit.

Craig Web-1 (1).jpg

Craig Reynolds
Human Resources

There are two things near and dear to me, the region of North Canterbury and mentoring the youth of our fine region. Twenty five years ago I moved to Kaiapoi and have never wanted to leave. It's a great place to raise a family and it has everything you need without the need to travel across "the bridge". Then the opportunities arose to assist in mentoring and improving our at risk youth. I have been involved in various organisations for the past 20 years mentoring, empowering and providing opportunities for our youth to be at their best. 

R13 is a further domain that offers a range of services to assist our youth to become good influencers and leaders in our community. 

Image by Luca Bravo

Andrea Howell
Health & Safety

I have a background in human resources, and health & safety. I like to help out with community projects and enjoy putting on my steel caps and getting a little mucky. I have been a Justice of the Peace for over 25 years and until recently a wedding / funeral celebrant.

I joined R13 because it offers exceptional mentoring programs with exceptional leadership and role models who support our youth in Canterbury.

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Leon Frear
Volunteer & cultural advisor

I have been involved with R13 since it’s inception. I have Diploma in Social Work and have volunteered supporting and mentoring young people who have participated in programmes delivered by R13 and have also been a board member for the last six years. 

Having been a young person myself who struggled to fit into the mainstream education system, I have empathy for our young people today who find their selves in a similar predicament.

As a member of our local community and as a board member I believe the opportunity for our young people to access community based alternative educational and life skills programmes will assist them to reach there full potential and contribute positively to society.

Web Profile-4.jpg

Athol Earl

Athol is our patron, he was the youngest Rowing team member when the Eight team won Olympic gold Munich in1972, and then  won bronze with the Eight in Montreal in 1976.

Athol is a valued member of the community and the R13 youth development trust board.

Web Profile-2.jpg

Scott Wright
School Representative

I have been on the R13 board for 11 years. I became a board member through my role as Deputy Principal at Rangiora High School, where one of my responsibilities is the Alternative Education places for North Canterbury.

I have seen R13 provide much needed support for some of our community's most vulnerable young people, providing pathways, education, information and guidence. R13 is a group that makes a real difference to real people.

Field and Ball

Andrew McCormick
Privacy officer

​Andrew is a sports- and criminal- law specialist, in Rangiora and Christchurch. He brings with him a strong belief that everyone has the right to be represented well, as people accused of criminal offending are often vulnerable for a variety of reasons.
Sports law is a growing area of Andrew’s practice. He gives advice to sporting bodies and is very involved in the sporting community outside of work. He is a community trustee of the North Canterbury Sports and Recreation Trust and is a director of Canterbury Rugby League, where he also served as chairman for 15 months during 2015-2016.

We welcome Geraldine (back) to the board of R13! Geraldine works at Kaiapoi High School as deputy principal and a big part of her work there is looking after students wellbeing. 

Geraldine Enerson
School Representative



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